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Hi Everybody! J.R. Rabbit here!

I want to introduce the brain behind my creation. But first, I am the original J.R. Rabbit and you'll find the history of my family of "Skeptirabbitus" in this book. I've been one of the "head-liners" running around in the mind of Joni McNamara for about 20-plus years. I share this space with a bunch of other characters who have been around for a l-o-o-o-ng time before I came on 'stage.' My chief job in Joni's life is to create mayhem! You see, J.R. is for Jack Rascal, not Jack Rabbit!

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Joni has been a professional puppeteer for over 40 years as owner/director of GEM Puppet Productions/Ark-Angel Puppets. She gets an idea and the rest of us characters are off with creating the stories. We have performed in schools, churches, and for businesses with all original plays written by Joni. You name it, we've done it! But I'm supposed to talk about Joni and not all the stories and plays I've, I mean, we've done.

So, Joni is a graduate of Valparaiso University with a degree in Theology. She has lived in Africa and Europe and has traveled literally around the world more times that I can count. (Remember, I'm a rabbit and can't count anyway!) Her husband, Robert, is a retired pastor who now serves as a hospital chaplain in WY where they live. They have two grown children who were raised in house full of puppets, not pets! Well, there were pets but no rabbits, so they don't count!

Joni has retired after 40 years from actively performing with her company, GEM Puppet Productions, but one never knows when one of us characters might pop out in public again! With five grandchildren, w-e-e-ll, us characters are itching to get active! You see, even in retirement, she can't get away from us!

We are very active in helping her turn her puppet plays, written to "tickle the hearts of all ages," into stories to be read and shared. The stories from the Bible are from the viewpoint of my family of skeptics ("Skeptirabbitus," as we love to question everything) along with my life-long friend, Tuffy Turtle who claims to have a special relationship with God and the Holy Spirit (the "Spiriturtlelus" family).

We travel through history from Creation to...... well, God's Love and involvement with His Creation is never-ending, so stay tuned for more! You can reach me, I mean, Joni on the contact page

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